OrchiopexyOrchiopexy is a surgical procedure to move testicles from the abdomen or groin into the scrotum.  Before birth, the testicle moves from the pelvic area down into the scrotum.  In some boys, this does not occur and it is called undescended testicles.  This may require more than one operation depending on the position of the testes and any other associate problems.  An Orchiopexy is usually done in early childhood.  If undescended testicles are left too long, changes occur which can affect growth and function.

The physicians of Pediatric Surgical Associates perform this surgery more than any other pediatric surgical practice in the Midwest.  If you would like to inquire about the services provided through Pediatric Surgical Associates, please give our office a call at (612) 813-8000.

Amy Hou, MDPediatric Surgical Associates is delighted to announce the addition of Amy Hou, MD to its growing pediatric urology team!  Dr. Hou grew up in the borough of Queens in New York City.  She obtained her undergraduate and medical degree through the Seven Year Accelerated Medical Program at Boston University.  Dr. Hou then moved west to Colorado for her urology residency and pediatric urology fellowship training at the University of Colorado Denver.  Dr. Hou has a strong background in endoscopic procedures .  Dr. Hou enjoys all aspects of pediatric urology and has a special interest in neurogenic bladder and urinary reconstruction.


Bradley Linden, MD Pediatric Surgeon

Bradley Linden, MD
Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatric Surgical Associates is pleased to announce the newest member of its surgical team, Dr. Bradley Linden!  A native of Minneapolis, Dr. Linden’s Pediatric Surgery training was obtained at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  He joined the Harvard Medical School faculty as Director of Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery and has been the primary IBD surgeon at Boston Children’s.  Dr. Linden cares for pediatric patients with the full range of pediatric diagnoses, co-founded the Esophageal Atresia Treatment Program and, as a fully trained adult and adolescent weight loss surgeon, founded and directed the Bariatric Surgery Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

InterStim Therapy is a proven therapy used to treat urge incontinence, urinary frequency and overactive bladder in children.  InterStim Therapy targets the communication problem between the brain and the nerves that control the bladder.  If the nerves are not communicating properly, the bladder will not function correctly.

The InterStim system uses an external device during a trial assessment period and an internal device for long-term therapy.  You and your Pediatric Urologist may decide to try InterStim Therapy by going through a trial assessment period.  Based on the trial assessment, you and your Pediatric Urologist will determine the next step that is right for your child.

To learn more about this effective therapy, please call Pediatric Surgical Associates to schedule an appointment.  We may be reached at 612-813-8000!